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Augmented Reality Experiences

Interactive Content Types

Construct your own real-world metaverse with interactive spatial content.



Upload from camera roll or desktop device and place into spatials


3D Objects

Add 3D objects into your map for interactive exhibits, product displays, and immersive AR activations

Unity pack_hover.png

Unity Packages

Add advanced 3D content imported from the Unity Engine



Add video content to engage and enthral your visitors

3D text_hover.png

3D Text

Add text directly into your map to communicate messages, titles, or information to your viewers


Tour Paths

Define start and end points for a curated navigation path in AR for visitors



Record audio clips or upload pre-recorded ones in spatials



Drag and drop interactive points with hyperlink to external sites directly from spatials


Location Pins

Drag and drop points of interest that guide visitors with AR navigation


Augmented Reality Experience Platform

Create spatial maps and augmented reality experiences in three simple steps.
No Coding. No Hardware. 


Set up Map


Generate unique map QR code, anchor map to location, and import floorplan


Augment Map Experience


Create Navigation and add Spatials to your map


Publish Map and Track Performance

publish map and track performance.png

Take indoor wayfinding experience to the next level and wow your visitors


ARwayKit SDK

Transform the world around you by bringing the power of ARway in your apps.



Img tracking.png

Image Tracking

Detect 2D images from custom defined targets to trigger digitally augmented content

obj & scene tracking.png

Object Tracking

Recognize and track objects in physical spaces to trigger programmed digital experiences

Cross platf.png


Cover virtual AR experiences with objects located in the physical space within your field of view for a truly immersive experience

Cross Platform

Code once, deploy everywhere on ARKit and ARCore supported devices

ARway App.png

ARway Mobile App

Create and experience AR-enhanced navigation and AR content in your space with the ARway app, available on iOS and Android.

ARway Mobile App


Guided tours.png

Guided Tours

Turn-by-turn navigation routes with custom, predefined wayfinding pathways visualized in AR to reduce stress and improve the accuracy of wayfinding to desired locations

3D Experiences-v3.png

3D Experiences

Create unique experiences by dropping three dimensional objects anchored in your space that can be viewed from all angles for a truly immersive experience

Location Directory.png

Location Directory

Menu of designated POIs within the facility map which visitors can navigate to by following waypoints and arrows
independently and within their own time

Route details.png

Route Details

Enhance visitor confidence by providing information on their
wayfinding routes such as steps required, distance and estimated arrival time

Location persistent.png

Location Persistent  Content

Bring your premises to life by augmenting interactive content to objects and areas in your space which are persistent and accessible to all visitors

Creator Portal.png

Creator Portal

Create, manage, and track the performance of 3D maps and Augmented Reality Wayfinding experiences with no-code.

Creator Portal


Floorplans LiDAR.png

Floorplans & LiDAR Scans

Configure spaces with floorplan
images or LiDAR scans as schematics for remote visualization and authoring of spatial content

Guided tour.png

Guided Tours

Create turn-by-turn navigation
paths which can be populated
with AR content to create engaging curated tours for your visitors

Location Pins.png

Location Pins & Navigation

Improve navigation with AR
wayfinding. Drop location pins at points of interest on your map to populate a directory of locations your visitors can navigate to


Analytics & Location

Measure the performance of your maps and obtain key insights of visitor behaviour in your space

Map management.png

Map Management

Manage specifications, features, location-persistent content, and linkages of your maps. Generate QR codes and administer your visitor experience

Content library.png

Content Library

Populate a content library with
images, audio files, 3D models,
videos and more to be published in spatial experiences as location persistent content


The ARway Advantage

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