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Transform the world around you with the power of ARway 

ARway offers AR mapping and navigation capabilities with immersive content for mobile applications across a variety of industries. 

Getting Started with ARway

Start your ARway journey and dive into the world of creating captivating AR experiences within your surroundings.

Sign Up

Head over to our Sign Up Page to kick off the sign-up process. Just provide your email and set up a password, review the terms, and create your account. Keep an eye on your inbox for a quick verification. Once your verification is complete, you'll be able to log in and proceed to fill out your account details. Finally, enjoy free access to your personalized Dashboard. 

Map Setup

To start creating your map, log in to the Creator Portal dashboard and navigate to 'My Maps.' Click 'Create New Map' on the top right to reach the setup screen. Add in map details, upload your floor plan or choose one of the templated ones available on ARway. Download the primary QR code, available in PDF or PNG format, and proceed. Print and place the QR code ensuring that it is upright, well-lit, and easily accessible.

Map Activation

To bring your map to life, log in to the ARway app, available on iOS or Android. For an optimal experience, use the latest iPhone Pro with ARKit support. Once logged in, locate your map under 'New Unactivated,' tap it, and hit 'Activate Map.' Follow the on-screen guide and scan the primary QR code placed in your space. Stand directly in front, avoid angles, and stay within 1 meter for a seamless activation process.

Floorplan (1).png

Floor Plan Alignment

After scanning the QR code, tap 'Align the floorplan.' If not ready, do it later by clicking the blue '+' in map utilities. Use 'Anchor' to position 6 pegs on the 2D floorplan, ensuring they match identifiable spots in your space. Scale and move for precision, staying within 10 meters of the QR code. Scan after each peg.

Additional Access Points

To add additional access points, secondary QR codes and Image Access Points (IAPs) can be added to your map. Print additional QR codes from the Map Details page in the Creator Portal. To activate these access points, open the map in edit content mode with the map utilities. These additional access points provide a way for users to enter and increase the accuracy of their map experience. Boost your augmented reality journey with these seamless additions!

Adding AR Content

Enhance your maps with AR content using the Creator Portal. Simply click 'Open in Studio' under 'My Maps' to unlock a world of possibilities, including 3D models, images, videos, audio files, guided tours, 3D text, and hotspots. Effortlessly incorporate and tailor each element to your liking—whether it's tweaking 3D models or configuring autoplay settings for audio and videos.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Elevate navigation with Turn-by-Turn features. Draw paths in the Creator Portal to define areas where people can travel. Add Amenity Pins for essential spots and create Custom Location Pins with images, descriptions, and navigation details. Ensure pins are within 3 meters of a path for optimal guidance. Use the Path icon to annotate wheelchair-accessible routes and customize widths. Enhance the visitor experience with precise navigation!

Watch our videos on Location Pins and Paths

Venue Maps

Enable seamless navigation between multiple maps with Venue Maps. In the Studio, create connector pins to designate entry and exit points for stairs, elevators, escalators, and bridges. Simply choose a connector pin, right-click to place it, and link it to the closest QR code for a comprehensive venue experience.

ARwayKit SDK

To create your custom app, purchase an ARway plan, access the SDK GitHub, and download the source code. Install Unity Hub, open the project, and retrieve your Account ID and Secret Key from the Creator Portal. Customize app details, build for Android & iOS, and test on your device. Create your own custom branded app experience!



Access insightful analytics on your map's performance in the Creator Portal. Track visitor engagement over time, measure average visit duration, and assess map usage patterns. Explore top visited maps, accumulated visit time, total visits, and map size calculations. Dive into location-based analytics, including access point scans, most-navigated-to pins, popular searches, a location list, and a heatmap of user traffic. Gain valuable insights to enhance your map experience and optimize user engagement!


Ready to Begin Your ARway Journey?

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