top of page Unveils Patent-Pending AI-powered 3D Digital Twin Floor Plan Generation Technology to Capture a Share of the $44 Billion Indoor Navigation Market

Mar 28, 2023

TORONTO, O.N, Canada – March 28 2023 -  ARway Corporation (“ARway” or the “Company”) (CSE: ARWY), (OTC: ARWYF) (FSE: E65)  is an AI-powered augmented reality experience platform for indoor spaces with a disruptive no-code, no beacon spatial computing solution with centimeter precision.'s new breakthrough automates the creation of 3D spatial maps from just 2D floor plans creating a digital twin which can be populated with an array of AR experiences . The Company now offers AI-powered floor plan alignment, positioning & re-localization, and expanded map analytics capabilities. The Company believes these enhancements will contribute to its continual increase in market share of the estimated $44 billion global indoor positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN) market. ARway has unlimited use cases for augmenting physical spaces in the metaverse, making it a valuable tool for creators, brands, and companies in various industries.

Watch a video preview of ARway’s technology: click here

3D Floor Plan and Digital Twin Generation 

Arway Corp. filed a provisional patent for their digital twin technology to create and manage virtual replicas of physical spaces. ARway's technology is unique in that it eliminates the complexity and reliance on expensive hardware and scanners by ingesting 2D floor plans and architectural drawings and converting these artifacts into 3D environments. It achieves this by combining position data from the real world and image pixels of the floor plan and transforming them using a 3D engine into an augmented reality layer to the digital twin, allowing for real-time information to be overlaid onto the physical environment.  

The use of digital twins technology has been gaining popularity in recent years, however, traditional methods rely heavily on IoT sensors to generate a digital overlay of the physical environment. ARway's innovative approach to creating digital twins simplifies the process by allowing properties to create 3D replicas of their space with just a 2D floor plan, using our 3D web Studio. This lightweight solution is accessible to any venue with a floor plan, democratizing access to digital twin technology. By providing an easy-to-use solution, ARway can reach a wider market, increasing the likelihood of successful adoption. Moreover, patenting ARway’s technology protects the Company from competition, ensuring its position at the forefront of digital twin technology innovation in the indoor wayfinding and AR experience space. ARway's technology is a game-changer, providing an affordable and accessible solution for businesses to create and manage digital twins of their physical spaces.  

Floor Plan Alignment 

ARway's latest feature provides map creators with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered real-time floor plan alignment functionality. This eliminates the need for manual scaling of the floor plan in the Creator Studio, enabling creators to place AR content with pinpoint accuracy in the real environment. ARway’s floor plan alignment process resembles the ease of use experienced when ordering an Uber or a Lyft and having the map automatically match the coordinates of your location pin. 

Creating a map that consumers will gravitate towards and intuitive ease of use is key. With this in mind, ARway's designers and engineers made it their top priority to simplify the map creation process. Despite having a market upper hand with its no-code, no-beacon, and no-hardware advantage, manual alignment of floor plans still presented a guessing element. With the new auto-alignment feature using AI, the uploaded floor plan is automatically moved, rotated, and stretched to match real-life scale and orientation with pin-point precision. Map creators can now confidently place content on the floor plan, knowing it will be displayed in that exact spot in the AR experience in the environment. This unique feature sets ARway apart from other AR experience technologies on the market, resulting in greater market penetration, revenue for the Company, and returns for investors. 

Positioning & Re-localization   

The ARway app employs a range of sensors in the user's device to track their location and orientation in the real world, enabling precise positioning and re-localization of AR content relative to the physical environment. This real-time updating ensures an immersive and seamless AR experience for the user, even when moving. ARway's solution has undergone upgrades to introduce a gamified drift indicator, enhancing the user's experience by allowing them to monitor their positioning "charge" and encouraging them to scan nearby map access points to “boost their charge”, thereby maintaining accuracy and ensuring a delightful visitor experience. 

Accurate positioning of AR content is essential for various use cases, such as a hotspot describing a particular real object in the environment, a 3D model of a retail product on a shelf, an AR art activation on a pedestal at an exhibit, or a promotional AR coupon next to the discounted item. Drift can significantly impact the effectiveness of the AR activation and the user's experience. Therefore, the positioning and re-localization feature was designed with a specific frequency for QR code or image access point rescanning to ensure persistence of content throughout the entire experience, while also gamifying the rescanning process to make it more interactive for the user. This feature will be particularly beneficial for venues that deploy this solution, as it ensures that their map experience is never compromised by drift and provides an engaging and interactive experience for end-users. 

QR code / IAPs (Image Access Points) 

The ARway app provides users with a unique augmented reality (AR) experience by scanning a QR code or using Image Access Points (IAP). Once scanned, the app retrieves map data and uses computer vision technology to accurately place AR content in the user's surroundings. In addition, the Image Access Points (IAP) feature uses computer vision technology to recognize 2D images, allowing for an AR map experience that is linked to a specific location. 

The ease of accessing and entering the map is essential for expanding product adoption amongst end-users, just as the ease of mapping expands adoption amongst map creators. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted people worldwide to adapt to new technologies, including QR codes. Businesses have shifted from traditional paper delivery of information to QR codes, which enable visitors to access information online. Scanning a QR code has become second nature for most people. ARway leverages this widespread adoption by enabling visitors to enter an AR experience by scanning a QR code or using an IAP. 

ARway's IAP technology takes things one step further, allowing map creators to use any 2D image, such as a poster, logo, or sign, as an access point into the map. This flexibility provides visitors with greater freedom to access the AR experience. Unlike other wayfinding solutions that require costly installation of BLE beacons, kiosks, or other hardware, ARway is entirely hardware-free and hassle-free. ARway’s solution is delivered to creators as a software development kit (SDK) and accessed by end-users through a QR code or IAP. ARway’s innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective AR solution relieves consumers of the burden and expense of installations and upgrades, making product adoption more accessible, allowing it to reach a broad user base and spread like wildfire. 

Access Point Editing from Studio  

Access points on the map can be added through two methods: QR codes or Image Access Points (IAPs). These points can be modified through the App and now with recent upgrades, their properties such as name, thumbnail, description, and default status can be easily edited through the Creator Portal. It is worth noting that Access Point locations serve as anchors for the map and thus cannot be relocated. However, they can be removed, replaced, and shifted within the app. 

This feature of editing map access points from the Creator Portal offers creators enhanced map agility. It allows them to update the entrance point for end-users at any given time from any location. This capability is not only useful to all creators but especially to those creating maps for frequently changing environments such as galleries, tradeshows, events, and pop-up stores. For example, a gallery curator can swiftly change the access point from one exhibit painting to another, while a tradeshow or event organizer can easily shift from one sponsor's banner to another. In the same vein, a pop-up store planner can update the access point from one brand logo to another. With this feature, creators can alter the entire AR experience from the web Studio provided that the physical layout and floor plan remain consistent. This advancement in remote management of maps further simplifies and improves the creators' experience. 

Expanded Map Analytics Capabilities 

ARway has expanded its capability to offer more detailed and comprehensive analytic metrics to its map creators. These metrics include location, time, and content analytics, allowing map creators to track engagement and improve user experience. Location analytics enables map creators to track the popularity of their maps, while time analytics identifies peak hours of map visits to enhance user engagement. Content analytics measures engagement across various digital map contents, providing insights for more effective engagement campaigns. 

Heatmaps are also used to optimize content by identifying the areas of the map receiving the most attention. This visibility into how venue visitors occupy space, including which areas are most trafficked, how traffic flow varies, and what content they engage with, provides valuable insights for map owners to make informed improvements. Such improvements may include optimizing venue layout for better flow, displaying AR content in well-trafficked areas, personalizing content based on visitor preferences and behaviors, or displaying different content at different times based on observed variations in the space. By utilizing ARway's enhanced analytic metrics, map owners can gain valuable insights to improve user experience and overall venue performance. This can help the venue stand out, attract positive reviews, and drive revenue, as they reach the right audiences in the right place at the right time with the right information. 

Help & Support integration with ARway Community 

ARway recently launched the ARway Community, which can be accessed through the Creator Portal or the website. The ARway Community consists of four sections: the Hub, FAQ, the Forum, and Projects. Visit the Hub to learn about how to integrate into a custom app or project and gain access to the SDK. To find more information about the solutions, check out the FAQ tab which houses best mapping practices, specs, and other ARway documentation. Tutorial videos and industry-specific use case demos have been added to the Projects tab to help jumpstart the AR journey. For any questions or help with ARway, connect in the Forum. The Forum is the ideal space for clients, users, or AR enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and share their AR experiences. 

As an innovative technology Company, having a community page is crucial for the success of the product development and adoption. Firstly, it can help build a community of AR enthusiasts and developers who are interested in the Company's products and services. This can provide a platform for them to connect, share ideas, and provide feedback on their experience with the product. In turn, this allows the Company to hear directly from its users and take their feedback into consideration for the product roadmap. Secondly, a community page can be a valuable tool for customer support, where customers can participate in discussions and share their feedback, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and provide better support for their products and services. This can help build customer loyalty and improve the overall customer experience. Thirdly, a community page can help promote ARway’s products and services by creating a space where people can learn about the Company's technology and see examples of its applications, raising awareness, and generating interest in its products and services. Overall, having a community page will be an important tool for ARway to build a community of AR enthusiasts and developers around the product, support our users, and promote the Company’s products and services. 

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About ARway Corp 

ARway is an AI-powered platform that provides augmented reality experiences for indoor spaces. The platform allows users to easily create experiences for navigation, tours, information sharing, notifications, advertising, and gamification. ARway leverages the power of mobile devices to create environments that can improve visitor experience, boost employee productivity, increase engagement, create new advertising space, and boost revenues. Visitors can scan a QR code to access a venue map, navigate to any point of interest with step-by-step directions, learn information about those POIs, and interact with rich AR content and experiences along the way. ARway has unlimited use cases for augmenting physical spaces in the metaverse, making it a valuable tool for creators, brands, and companies in various industries. The complete ARway platform includes: the Web Creator Studio, the ARwayKit Software Development Kit (SDK) and a mobile app for iOs and Android.

Nextech AR Solutions On October 26, 2022, ARway Corp. was spun-out from its parent Company, Nextech AR Solutions (OTCQX: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: EP2). Nextech AR retained a control ownership in ARway Corp. with 13 million shares, or a 50% stake. Nextech AR Solutions is a Metaverse Company and leading provider of augmented reality (“AR”) experience technologies and 3D model services. Nextech’s AI-powered 3D modeling platform, “ARItize3D” has contracts with; AMZN, KSS, CB2, Genuine Parts & many others.  To learn more about Nextech AR, visit 

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