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Jun 1, 2023

TORONTO, O.N, Canada – June 1, 2023 - (“ARway” or the “Company”) (CSE: ARWY), (OTC: ARWYF) (FSE: E65) is an AI powered Augmented Reality Experience platform with a disruptive no-code, no beacon spatial computing solution enabled by visual marker tracking with centimeter precision announces the compatibility between the future of AR smart headsets and ARway. Currently, there are two industry leaders in this space that ARway’s cutting-edge technology is compatible with: Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.

Magic Leap is an industry-leading hardware company known for its wave guide technology. Their latest AR glasses product, Magic Leap 2, has made significant advancements in optics. It boasts the best field of view and image quality in the industry, along with innovative dimming capabilities. It also comes with a precise controller for enhanced user experience.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is a cutting-edge, mixed-reality device that projects interactive holograms into the real world. It's a head-mounted, wearable device that allows users to see and interact with digital content as if it were part of their physical environment. 

ARway is the only large-scale location-persistent AR platform for indoor spaces today. Headset manufacturers and clients looking to implement headsets have huge interest in ARway to support their use cases in industrial and manufacturing. ARway's technology enables the accurate positioning of these headsets in GPS-devoid environments and allows the rendering of AR content that is location persistent for the end user. This opens up immersive use cases where the hands-free capabilities of the user are important, such as manufacturing, field services, warehouses, and other industrial environments, opening up new markets and boosting ARway’s go-to-market channels.

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ARway is at the forefront of thought leadership in the augmented reality (AR) industry, offering the technology and a platform that is future-proof and capable of scaling with next-generation devices. Two key drivers of this advancement with the smart headset providers are hardware improvements and ecosystem enablers. Advanced headsets now boast powerful Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) that accurately measure gravity and angular rate for device tracking. Device lenses have improved, providing better vision and enabling mixed-reality experiences. Additionally, the graphical processing units (GPUs) have been enhanced to meet the increased computing demands of AI applications like ARway. The development of open ecosystems, such as OpenXR and MRTK3, to access VR and AR devices, is facilitating compatibility and deployment of ARway’s technology. 

As an example, Magic Leap's business model has evolved beyond hardware sales, as they now focus on leveraging their intellectual property (IP). Chief Executive Peggy Johnson, who oversaw the release of Magic Leap 2 last September, alluded in a recent company blog post to a new revenue stream, saying it has “received an incredible amount of interest from across the industry to license our IP and utilize our patented manufacturing process to produce optics for others seeking to launch their own mixed-reality technology”. This provides an opportunity for ARway, as it is able to provide the solution for companies wishing to use its technology in conjunction with smart headsets. 

It is anticipated that the demand for ARway’s technology will increase as the adoption of smart headsets increases. 

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